Project Management

Land Subdivision            Multiple Dwelling Development            Residential Construction

Adding Value; that's the primary objective for what a development should achieve.

Sub-division and Building can be a daunting task for many, however it shouldn’t be.

It’s the volume of ‘perceived’ unknowns and ‘third party’ horror stories, that put people off from enjoying the process of creating a meaningful development or their very own, personalised home.

In many cases the ‘third party’ stories are embellished, missing information and one side of a story, that is often not the reality.

Sub-division and Building

We can mitigate risk and take the guess work out of this process; developing is a numbers game, and this takes skill and experience in preparation of the unexpected.

  • Forward estimates and viability

  • Land conditions, compliance and possible barriers to entry

  • Land preparation

  • Construction, specifications and costings

  • Professional Services (surveys, WAPC submission etc.)

  • Strata, Legal and Titles

  • Sales / Exit Strategy

Resi Invest has a panel of Professional well known Builders

We have a panel of professional, well known Builders to select from; this allows us to select the right Builder for your specific project and also save you from that dreaded ‘Display Home’ marathon.

When selecting a Builder we consider:

  • Design detail

  • Budget

  • Building materials

  • Location

  • Specification level

Other costs associated with your build project, that usually create a few surprises, are the site costs; think of these as any costs associated with 'marrying' your new home / development to your land.

We will go through this thoroughly to allow enough to cover this necessary component, that is often over looked and underestimated.

Thinking of land subdivision whether it be small or large, we have the expertise to carry the project through from start to finish, not just the sales and marketing.